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Elevate Jacksonville Staff

George E. Maxey, Executive Director


George E. Maxey has over 25 years of leadership experience in the education and non-profit sector. George began his administrative career as Dean of Students at Simons Perkins Middle School in Akron, Ohio. He later pursued and obtained his Master of Science in Education from the University of Akron. George continued his upward climb in administration earning additional certificates in Educational Leadership of Middle and Secondary School Principalship and a professional certificate with Curriculum Management Systems as a Walk-Through developer. 

George became principal of Jean Ribault Middle School and William M. Raines High School from 2004-2011. He later worked as a consultant for Pearson, Inc., became the Executive Director of New Town Success Zone at EWC and is now the former Executive Director of 2nd Mile Ministries in the Brentwood Community. 


George E. Maxey was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. While growing up in a housing project in Brooklyn, George's third grade teacher by the name of John Fox inspired him to pursue a career in education. After graduating from high school and receiving an athletic scholarship to Kent State University, George moved from New York to Ohio. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Kent State University and began his professional career as a teacher. He taught introduction to Citizenship, Economics, American History and American Government. He is a loving husband, devoted father to his children and 4 grandchildren. 

"The two most important days of your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why." - Mark Twain

George has skills implementing program initiatives, optimizing the learning atmosphere, and promoting a safe learning environment. His practice in the field of education and nonprofit field has yielded a proven track record for assisting children and their families in exceeding expectations of academic achievement and a commitment to student-centered learning. George believes the village concept for educating children as demonstrated by increasing business partnerships to improve community relationships. 

Carla Austin, Program Director

Carla Austin_edited.jpg

Carla Austin has an extensive background working in the non-profit sector spanning 18 years. Formerly the Interim CEO and Vice President of Youth and Family Services for Community Connections of Jacksonville, Carla’s major role was to oversee the daily operations of planning and implementing youth servicing programs.


Carla grew up in Alabama and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Tuskegee Institute (now Tuskegee University). In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and reading. She serves on the advisory board of Lutheran Services of Florida Head Start Program. She is a wife, mother of a daughter and son and a very happy grandmother to her grandson.


“If not You, Who? If not Now, When?”


After a few years working in non-profit, Carla decided her true calling was working with and serving people, particularly youth. Over the years, she has seen hundreds of students graduate, athletes become pro players, families purchase their first home, homelessness decrease and many more wonderful stories to tell. Carla says it is her profoundest joy to support and inspire young people to do their best, be their best!

Jazmine McCoy, Data Impact Coordinator  

Jazmine McCoy_edited.jpg

Jazmine was raised in Jacksonville, Fl where she attended and graduated from First Coast high school. Upon graduating, she attended Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach and earned a degree in Communications.


Jazmine began her career in education as an after-school Program Director with Community Connections of Jacksonville, and then with Communities In Schools of Jacksonville. 

Jazmine knew at an early age that she wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. She believes that if we each take the time to help just one person, there is a greater chance that everyone would be successful. 

William Robinson

William Robinson, Graduate/Alumni Coordinator  

W Robinson_edited.jpg

William was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida where he matriculated through the Duval County Public School system. Upon graduating Samuel W. Wolfson high school he was accepted into Bethune Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida where he obtained his B.A. degree in Religion & Philosophy.


William has served his community through numerous civic and faith- based organizations throughout the state of Florida. Notably, he helped to create and administer the Tiphne Darshay Hollis Foundation. The organization was founded in honor of an innocent victim of a drive-by shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, with the core aim of helping youth commit to ending violence in their lives, homes and communities.

Joslyn Graham, Teacher-Mentor (William M. Raines High School)

Joslyn Graham_edited.jpg

Joslyn is a native of Jacksonville, Florida and a graduate of Robert E. Lee high school and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. She currently attends St. Thomas University where she is obtaining her Masters degree in educational leadership. 


Her passion is to impact the lives of children by opening up her own school catered to urban youth students. 

Joslyn Graham
Qu'Ron Hall_edited.jpg

Qu'Ron Hall is a Jacksonville, Florida native where he graduated from William M. Raines High school. He continued his academic and football career at Shaw University and graduated in 2018 with a degree in Recreation Management. 

After graduating from Shaw, Qu'Ron continued his love for football by playing for the Jacksonville Sharks. While in college, Qu'Ron found a passion for mentoring guys and he continues this passion both in school and out of school. 

Qu'Ron biggest fans are his fiancé, Lauren and his 3-month old son, Enzo. "Spending time with them is one of the most important things in my life. Being the best person I can be is what I focus on everyday."

Qu'Ron Hall

Courtney Matthews, Teacher-Mentor (Jean Ribault High School)


Courtney was raised in Jacksonville, Florida where she attended and graduated from Sandalwood High School. Shortly after graduating she became a certified life coach. She is currently enrolled as a full time college student obtaining her Bachelors in Psychology. 


Courtney began her career in education as a Paraprofessional at Jean Ribault Senior High School. She developed a passion for making an impact and changing lives early in life through her coaching programs. Since working with high school students, Courtney identified her gift for working with youth. Courtney believes "Positively impacting their lives today is a step closer to a better world for us all".   

Courtney Matthews
Tyson Wright

Tyson Wright, Teacher-Mentor (Jean Ribault High School)

Tyson Wright_edited_edited.jpg

Tyson is a proud Jacksonville, Florida native. As a youth he enjoyed participating in all sports, excelling in football and track & field. Tyson attended Paxon School for Advanced Studies where he graduate from in 2015 with a 3.5 GPA as well as being an All-Conference athlete in two sports (Football and Track & Field). Tyson continued his education and athletic career by attending HBCU Bethune-Cookman University where he graduated in 2019 with a B.A. in Business Administration and becoming an ALL-Conference.

Tyson's life passions are fashion, inspiring youth, coaching and fatherhood. He aspires to pursue his love for fashion by becoming a stylist and eventually having his own clothing line. Tyson lives by his belief in keeping God first and his mantra "Lift as you climb, someone always needs a hand". 

Marissa Clowers, Teacher-Mentor (Terry Parker High School)

Marissa Clowers_edited.jpg

Marissa is a native of Jacksonville, FL, and a graduate of Jean Ribault Senior high school. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from University of South Florida in 2018, and a Master of Arts in Public Relations degree from Full Sail University in 2020. 

Upon completing her master's degree, Marissa began working in college admissions at Culinary Institute Lenotre in Houston, Tx.

Marissa is a product of Take Stock in Children and the College Reach Out Program. She says these programs gave her the opportunity to learn about the possibilities for her life post high school graduation. 


Marissa Clowers
Adrian Toney

Adrian Toney, Teacher-Mentor (Terry Parker High School)

Adrian Toney _edited.jpg

Adrian is a native of Sebring Florida. At the age of 10 he relocated to Jacksonville Florida and at 14 he moved to Middleburg, Florida where he graduated from Middleburg High School.  


Adrian received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion and Philosophy from Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida where he was privileged to become apart of the organization,  Progressive Black Men Inc. 


One of Adrian's passions is to help people cultivate the gifts that are inside of them, and guide them in the path that their gift would be most effective. 

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