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"As the Superintendent of the Duval County Public Schools...We now have Elevate Jacksonville in two of our most challenged High Schools (Raines and Ribault), and their full-time Elevate Teachers are professional, skilled and committed...Their Florida State approved curriculum is superb, and prepares our students to successfully learn, graduate on time, and prepare for life after High School–college, trade school, or military."

- Dr. Diana Greene, Superintendent of Schools, Duval County 


"As a Board Member of the Duval County Public Schools, I wholeheartedly support and recommend Elevate Jacksonville. We are blessed to have Elevate Jacksonville teachers in two of our most challenged high schools...They are well-trained, well-equipped, and committed in helping our students to succeed."

- Lori Hershey, School Board Chair, Duval County

"I am so happy that Elevate Jacksonville is present and alive at Jean Ribault High School. The individuals that are providing the instruction to our young Trojans are Awesome!"

- Dr. Gregory Bostic, Principal, Ribault High School

"As a former School Superintendent and working in the field of education my whole career, I’m thrilled to see Elevate coming to Jacksonville, and the added opportunities this will provide our students, especially in partnerships with great organizations such as Young Life, Boys&Girls Club, CIS and YMCA.  Elevate provides the added services to so many young people who are in desperate need of additional positive relationships that the Elevate Teacher/ Mentors provide.  Elevate’s proven history of meeting the academic and relational needs for students will change the trajectory of so many children in our Duval County schools." 

- Dr. Ed Pratt-Dannals, Former DCPS Superintendent

"At OCPS, our vision is to be the top producer of successful students in the nation. Our mission is

to lead students to success with the help and support of families and the community. The positive

impact can be seen in our increasing graduation rates and decreasing truancy rates. In the past

two years, Elevate Orlando has maintained a 100% graduation rate among its participants.

What began as a one-person team impacting the lives of 20 students in one school, has now

grown to serve 1,600 youth in 14 Orange County schools. We applaud Elevate Orlando’s passion,

dedication and commitment to the success of our students and look forward to the expansion of

programs in our area."

- Dr. Barbara M. Jenkins, Superintendent, Orange County Public Schools

"ELEVATE offers students hope, encouragement, structured guidance and an actionable postsecondary plan. The program shows students pathways to success and equips them to continue a lifelong journey of effective citizenship and self-advocacy. We strive for all of our students to complete their IPS experience endowed with the skills and habits necessary to be successfully enrolled, enlisted, or employed--ELEVATE will strongly enhance the opportunities provided to the students we serve."

- Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee, Superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools

"As part of the successful program, staff mentors from Elevate Phoenix apply seven core values paired with six essential skills. Three of the values consist of Courage, Respect, and Responsibility, while three of the skills are Communication, Leadership, and Goal-setting. The mentors work with students after school and participate with them in community service projects. Postsecondary preparation for training and college admission is also emphasized; and there is no cost to the District for any of these numerous services. This work is helping transform our education system and our community, thus we hope to expand the program to other Phoenix Union schools soon."

-  Dr. Chad E. Gestson, Superintendent, Phoenix Union High School District  

"I’m excited about our partnership with Elevate USA and the opportunities this will provide our students.  We have committed to providing all of our students with a high quality education, but we can't do it alone.  We have so many young men and women in desperate need of the positive relationships Elevate mentors provide.  Elevate’s proven history of meeting students’ needs for success in school and life will change the trajectory of lives in the Ferguson-Florissant School District."


- Dr. Joseph Davis, Superintendent of Schools, Ferguson – Florissant ISD

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