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No One Gets There Alone

What We Do

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Accredited Classes

Full time teacher-mentors teach ACCREDITED ELECTIVE  classes in public high schools. These classes incorporate 13 vital character qualities and life skills into our daily classroom curriculum through experiential learning, group activities and discussions. These qualities and skills are designed to develop the personal character, leadership abilities and capabilities needed for success. Click here to learn more about the Elevate curriculum.



Teacher-mentors spend 50% of their time mentoring high school students after school, on weekends and throughout the summer. They pay attention to the WHOLE CHILD, discovering their talents, interests and hopes for the future, and then investing in those through activities and time together. Our after-school partners offer extended mentoring, enabling us to reach deeper into the lives of our students. 



Elevate students develop teamwork and leadership skills year-round by participating in activities after-school, on weekends, and during the summer. These programs allow students to build confidence in their own abilities by exploring experiences outside their comfort zone. This adventure component also challenges students to utilize their in-classroom training in practical ways.

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College & Career

At Elevate we know that high school graduation day is just the beginning. We provide support to students taking their next steps by assisting with the

Career planning
College scholarships
Admission applications process
Running interview practice sessions
Exam preparation

Building Character and Life Skills

The Elevate Curriculum focuses on key character qualities and life skills which are fully aligned with Common Core State Standards and Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) Competencies. Students collaborate through experiential learning, group activities, and discussions. Cross-age mentoring occurs when high school students teach similar lessons to elementary school students weekly.


Click here for an in-depth description of the curriculum.










Life Skills

Career Minded


Decision Making

Goal Setting

Positive Work Ethic

Problem Solving

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Contact Us

Get in touch with Elevate Jacksonville to learn more about our work and find out how to get involved. We appreciate your support!



(904) 683-7075

Physical Address:

4940 Emerson St Ste 104

Jacksonville, FL 32207

Mailing Address:

PO Box 551052

Jacksonville, FL 32255

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