Elevate works during COVD

Thursday, May 28, 2020


Dear Friend,


I hope that you and your loved ones are doing well considering all that COVID-19 has done to change our world. Yes, we are getting through this, some better than others.  But these challenging times are not over. 


Our Elevate Teachers have been conducting online instruction since Monday, March 23rd, and will conclude our classes on Friday, May 29th.  During this time, we have walked many of our students through vulnerable situations striving to live with too much free time and too little resources. Some of them have lacked sufficient food, while others are experiencing traumatic experiences.  Yet others have shown us the power of their resiliency, fortitude and grit. 


Here’s what have we accomplished with our students during last few months:


  • Superintendent Diana Greene, as well as the School Board and Principals of both Raines and Ribault high schools are thrilled that our Elevate teachers are faithfully teaching our on-line character-based instruction for the remainder of this school year. 

  • We have, in conjunction with our national organization, Elevate USA, conducted 40 professional development sessions for our staff several times a week via Zoom video conferencing. The sessions were designed to provide the critical tools for supporting students during this crisis.


  • Our Elevate teachers have deliberately contacted every student and their families in order to determine what immediate needs they had. As these needs were discovered, we helped with food, financial assistance to qualifying families ($500 stipends) and other resources/ organizations who helped meet these felt needs.


This COVD pandemic has presented some serious setbacks as we are currently unable to engage with our students face to face, except on-line. However, it has also presented a unique opportunity for our teachers to deepen their relationships with our students as they walk alongside them during this challenging time.


Going forward, we are planning summer activities (two per week) with our students. 


So, let's keep one another in thoughts and prayers for protection from the virus and for wisdom going forward. Rest assured that we remain focused on our mission. 


Our heartfelt thanks to you for your ongoing partnership with Elevate Jacksonville. 


Jon Heymann

Executive Director

Elevate Jacksonville

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