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Elevate Teaches 13 Character Qualities

Perhaps COVID is coming to a close – we can only hope.  But our Elevate Teachers continue to teach 13 character qualities:  Caring, Courage, Integrity, Leadership, Respect, Vision, Decision-Making, Goal setting, Positive Work Ethic, etc.


Some call these qualities the “soft skills” – but they are actually the “harder skills” that if untaught and uncaught, render our young people powerless to navigate their future.

Also, Teachers are Essential community servants.  Not only do they instruct our students but they also deal with serious mental health and domestic issues that our students experience at an ever increasing rate during COVID. 

We began Elevate at Raines High School in January 2019, and opened up Ribault HS in January 2020.


Here is what students are saying:​

“Elevate has impacted me because the class and teachers give me a safe place and chill setting. Yes, it is still a working environment but it’s different than other classrooms.” Nataisha S.

“Elevate is a class that allows me to express myself.” -Jordyn L.

“This class has made me feel welcome at all times, I can be myself and I feel comfortable to say how I feel.” Tylik A.

“To me Elevate means to Rise and keep going forward. I have learned more personal character traits.” Luther F.

“Elevate means to raise the bar on what you strive for in your career, family, and the community around you. -Aysia H.


Impact: (from an independent third-party evaluator)  Our Elevate students are matriculating (promoted to next grade) above the state and national average.  This is significant given that our students are the “bubble” students, the “top half of the bottom half”.

While our students live in vulnerable situations, they have shown us the power of their resiliency, fortitude, and grit. We love them, and they will become a smashing success.


Thanks for your time and support.

Jon Heymann

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