Board of Directors

Skip Allcorn (Chairman)

Coastal Construction Products

Retired, Co-Owner & Co-Founder 

Bennett Brown

The Heritage Bank 

Market President 

Ricky Caplin

The HCI Group


Patrick D. Coleman

Attorney at Law
Board Certified Specialist, Labor & Employment Law

Sam Coleman

Young Life

Multiethnic Coordinator 

Southeastern Division

John Freeman

JaxUSA Partnership

Director, Business Development and 

Global Cities Initiative

Ben Goldsmith


Church Movements

Debbie Gunnlaugsson

Community Volunteer 

Peter J. Gunnlaugsson


Senior Vice-President


Jon Heymann

Elevate Jacksonville

Executive Director


Karla Newton

Community Volunteer


Will Newton

Timucuan Asset Management

Commercial Real Estate

Gregory S. Redmon, Esquire
Senior Counsel

Attorneys at Law, P.A.

Bill Traer

Merit Financial Advisors

Retired, Director of Mergers & Acquisitions

Ann Traer

Retired Teacher